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The WeCare program is based on 3M's :
Maintain Green | Monitor Orange | Manage Red


The program terms & conditions have been explained to me during the blood collection and signing of the Client Response Form. No claims, medical, legal or commercial can be raised against the company or the doctor or any employee associated with this program.

All exchange of information is done at the full knowledge and willingness of the client without any recourse for action to the company or any employee of the same.

By proceeding further, I lose any right to claim any action, legal/commercial or medical detrimental to the interest of the program or the company.

Find out how we rate your health score

The program uses complex medical algorithms to simplify health on a color code.

Green is safe
Orange is borderline risky
Red needs medical management

The WeCare program screens 7 (in special cases, 8), lifestyle diseases and each is assigned a value, 1 So if the client falls in three green (3), two orange (2), and two red (2) then the score is 322 out of 700. Naturally, the ideal score is with all seven green (7) with zero orange (0) and zero red (0), making it 700.

Here's how you can improve the health score

Just because you are not sick, doesn't mean you are healthy. This is the philosophy for encouraging a client to find any medical abnormalities, early!

The WeCare program has an intelligent software to identify abnormal medical values and recommend apt Over the Counter, highly specific medicines that have no side effect but have a proven track record, scientifically.

Use your program money and buy six months of the recommended medicines and come back. Hopefully you will get back to all 'green'.

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