Would you like to know the future of your health?

Just pure medical science!

It’s a Universal truth

we ALL want to Live..


We wish there was a
Magic Pill

Of course
None Exists!

But on flip side

If we have the knowledge
on the future of your health TODAY

Then a timely correction
can make a huge difference

In the Longevity and Quality of your life!

With MeCure WeCare you can find out:

With just 5 ml of your blood sample we can tell you which micro-nutrients you need, how often you need them and in precisely what quantity.

In addition to the MeCure WeCare Risk Assessment Report, you’ll also receive access to MeCure’s online app with the Risk Meter and one click purchase on MeCure’s e-commerce platform.

Just because you might be symptom-free, doesn't mean you are healthy!

When you enroll into WeCare you will receive your exact Risk Assessment Score. For now, lets start by taking a simple quiz to see if you are healthy or not?


Do you have a high stress life?

Do you need to make better lifestyle choices like increase exercise and reduce junk food?

Do you smoke or consume alcohol?

Do you have family history of heart disease, cancer or kidney disease?

Are you 25 years or older?

What do these 3 have in common?

For all three..

Green indicates: Good to go

Orange indicates: Slowdown and

Red indicates: STOP

What do you get when you enroll in the MeCure WeCare program?

Risk Assessment Test Score and Report

With MeCure WeCare, for the first time you get a numerical value that clearly tells you how healthy you are. When you enroll and your blood test results are ready, you will be able to view your Risk Assessment Score online and you will also receive a paper report.

Your health score is out of 800. So generally, if you score above 500 MeCure can help you make small adjustments in your lifestyle to bring your score closer to 800. However, if you score below 500 we advice you to make the changes recommended by MeCure and consult your doctor.

MeCure’s Health Meter

Over the last three years we have analyzed vital medical information from our data bank using complex medical algorithms.

This scientific study is applied on your blood sample to reveal your risk level for 9 lifestyle diseases which cover important organs like your heart, brain, liver, kidneys, pancreas, the blood system and more.

Green means safe which you should strive to 'Maintain'

Orange indicates borderline risky which you should regularly 'Monitor'

Red means you should call for a doctors advice and you need to 'Manage' with expert medical help.

Buy Your Magic Pill!

Using simple color coded results the program identifies your deficiencies and helps you pin point the current areas of concern.

The program then recommends your "Magic Pill". These are medical supplements with the right micronutrients, tailor made and targeted to correct your health concerns.

The beauty of the WeCare program is 100% value back for your investment. The money you pay to enroll in WeCare is loaded into a MeCure card. Use your MeCure card to buy medicines from our ePharmacy online or spend the money as directed by your doctor for further medical investigations at MeCure. The program offers you full flexibility with value for money. expiration date.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our program unique

WeCare screens all your vital organs to find risk indicators, offers targeted medicines to improve your health at no additional cost. Program is tailor made to address your individual health challenges.

  • STEP 1: We analyze 5ml of your blood sample
  • STEP 2: You receive your Health Risk Assessment Summary, click here to learn more.
  • STEP 3: Focus on the Lifestyle Diseases for which you are in orange or red.
  • STEP 4: Get a targeted treatment plan personalized for you.

The What, Why and Which of Lifestyle Diseases.

As we embrace the western lifestyle we have welcomed some unwanted health concerns. It’s time to mitigate these risks before they become life threatening.

  • What: Lifestyle Diseases are diseases that appear to increase in frequency as countries become more industrialized and due to lifestyle changes like sedentary jobs, high stress environment and changes in food habits. Diet and lifestyle are major factors thought to influence susceptibility to these diseases. Drug abuse, tobacco smoking, and alcohol drinking, as well as a lack of exercise may also increase the risk of developing these diseases.
  • Why: You should care because signs and symptoms for these lifestyle diseases if caught in time can be treated and life threatening conditions like cancers, heart, kidney and liver diseases can be prevented. In this case truly, prevention is better than cure!
  • Which: After analyzing data from over 500,000 MeCure patients over the last 7 seven years we have data that shows us the most prevalent lifestyle diseases in Nigeria. In the WeCare program we screen you for:
    1. Cardiovascular Diseases
    2. Metabolic Syndrome
    3. Obesity Index
    4. Diabetes Mellitus
    5. Chronic Kidney Disease
    6. Hyperuricemia
    7. Chronic Liver Disease
    8. Prostate Cancer/ Cervical Cancer

Is WeCare for me?

Take a simple 5 question quiz to find out if WeCare is right for you!

  • QUESTION 1: Do you have a high stress life?
  • QUESTION 2: Do you need to make better lifestyle choices like increase exercise and reduce junk food?
  • QUESTION 3: Do you smoke or consume alcohol?
  • QUESTION 4: Do you have family history of heart disease, cancer or kidney disease?
  • QUESTION 5: Are you 25 years or older?

Why WeCare is an investment and doesn't cost you anything!

Simply because 100% of the money you pay for your WeCare screening is credited back on a WeCare credit back card and you can use it to buy any MeCure product or service. Simple, isn't it?

  • STEP 1: You pay Naira 2500 for Health Risk Assessment
  • STEP 2: You receive your Health Risk Assessment Summary (If you run the same tests anywhere else in Lagos, it will cost you Naira 15,000 so you are already making your money back.
  • STEP 3: But to make this deal sweeter, we will hand you a credit back card with Naira 2500 deposited in it.
  • STEP 4: You can use this card to buy any MeCure product or service.

What do I get when I sign up for WeCare’s Health Risk Assessment?

Simply put, you get an overview on how healthy you actually are. For the first them you can quantify your health.

  • You get:
    • Blood collection at no added cost to you as outlined in Your time commitment section (linked to question 8)
    • Risk Assessment Score as outlined in the Maintain, Monitor or Manage section (linked to next question)
    • Credit back card as outlined in Why WeCare is anything! (linked to previous question)
  • You don't get:
    • Individual test numerical values for any lifestyle disease. You might wonder why? The honest truth is because we want to make our program affordable and because we are logical. If your score is 800 out of 800 you don't need to invest in the Phase 2 of the program.

Maintain, Monitor or Manage

You fall in one of these three categories, which one is what you need to find out. We hope you are in the Maintain phase but most likely you might be in the Monitor or Manage phase based on statistical data we have for the city of Lagos.

  • When you receive Your Health Risk Assessment Summary you will receive your score.
  • It will be on a scale of 008 to 800
  • The first digit out of the three digit score represents the number of diseases for which you are in the green zone, the second digit represents the number of diseases for which you are in the orange zone the red risk zone.
  • Green zone is the safe zone, orange indicates moderate risk and red indicates high risk.
  • So if your score is 800 you’re in the green zone for all eight diseases, if your score is 521 - then 5 diseases are in green, 2 in orange and 1 in red and conversely if your score is 008 then all 8 diseases are in the red zone.
  • Based on your score you will fall in one of the three categories: Maintain, Monitor or Manage.
  • We offer a wide array of natural supplements and pharmaceuticals to support your wellbeing in each of the three categories, again you can buy these products using your credit back!

What medical tests do we run for WeCare?

We conduct 27 tests on your 5ml blood sample, which will cost you over Naira 15000 elsewhere in Lagos. Results from these 27 tests will identify if you’re at risk for the lifestyle disease.

  • Here is a list of all the tests we conduct on your blood sample and why.
  • Samples are screened using latest technology from Roche

Your time commitment?

We require only 15 mins of your time. Trust us these 15 minutes can change the course of your future health!

  • When you sign up for MeCure WeCare:
    • You will be directed to a webpage that will show you MeCure partner doctors in your neighborhood
    • You pick one and a time that is convenient to you
    • Your blood will be collected by a registered doctor or phlebotomist, this will take less than 15 mins including blood collection
    • Within 24 hours you will receive your Health Risk Assessment both electronically and a paper copy, simple isn't it?

I don't have a perfect score of 800! Now what?

Don't panic if you have a few conditions in orange or red. We have a plan for you!

  • To make Health Risk Assessment affordable it doesn't include individual test numerical values for any lifestyle disease as explained in What do I get when I sign up for WeCare’s Health Risk Assessment? (link to question 4)
  • In your Health Risk Assessment you found out that you have a few conditions in the orange or red zone. Here are our recommended steps for you:

    • Information is the today’s currency. It is vital you find out your individual test numerical values for the diseases in orange or red. It will enable your doctor to make informed decisions
    • We have three plans you can choose from, based on the number of diseases in orange or red pick a plan that meets your needs. For example, if your score is 521, we recommend you buy our lowest Phase 2 package that includes test values for 3 lifestyle diseases
    • As a Phase 2 WeCare member we will recommend an array of clinically proven supplements that will naturally lower your risks and bring you closer to the highly coveted score of 800, click here to explore our suite of 100 brand new MeCure products
    • And yes! You can use the money you invest in Phase 2, all 100% of it to buy any MeCure product or service to Maintain, Monitor or Manage your conditions

I've been challenged! Why?

Someone who loves and cares for you has either challenged or recommended the MeCure WeCare program to you cause they believe like we do that we can make a positive impact on your health.

  • We suggest you accept the challenge
  • Skim through the other questions on this page to learn more about the program
  • quiz
  • All the best! Take the challenge.

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  • Integration of Electronic Parcel Delivery System (EPDS) and MeCure WeCare
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